Studying in New York in the United States: instructions

Studying in New York in the United States

New York is one of the most attractive cities in the world, easily positioning itself in the top 10 of the various world rankings of the most popular cities.

Considered by many to be the capital of the world due to its impact on the worlds of Finance, Cinema, Media, Art, Fashion and even Tourism, it also attracts hundreds of thousands of international students each year. year.

We are therefore going to introduce you to the world of higher education in New York, and the different steps to access it from home. But beware, going to study in New York has a cost!

New York City is home to 8.6 million people , while the entire state is home to over 22 million. This makes it the 8th most populated urban area in the world.

New York is the most expensive city in the United States, ahead of San Francisco, Anchorage and Boston. And the gap with the average towns of the country is significant! By way of comparison, in 2020, a student living in Paris and leaving to study in New York will need an average of 47% more budget to maintain the same standard of living.

The higher education system in New York is represented by 309 Colleges (Training up to Bac + 3 only) and Universities (Pre and post-Bachelor training).

Temperatures in New York average from -3 degrees in January to 29 degrees in July. It can be hot in the New York jungle!

Accessible universities and schools in New York

New York has nearly 309 institutions of higher education within the city, making it one of the most important training centers in the United States. With such an offer of programs, difficult to make an exhaustive list for you. We will therefore guide you so that you can find the establishment that suits you.

Regularly ranked in the top 15 universities worldwide, Cornell is one of the best universities in the country as well as the Ivy League.

It has faculties located in New York City but its main campus of 9.3 km2 is located 200 km north of the city. Each year, nearly 22,000 students join one of the many courses available.

Regularly ranked in the top 20 universities worldwide , Columbia is also well known around the world through its many appearances in American culture. It is regularly found in very popular films and series set in New York, so you may have already seen part of the campus without knowing it!

And the campus and its location have something to dream about: located in Manhattan, next to Central Park and Broadway, it’s hard to do better if you want to live and study in New York. The university welcomes around 33,000 students each year, and its attractiveness beyond the borders allows it to have one of the largest international student populations with 36% of them coming from abroad.

New York University:

Regularly in the top 50 places worldwide, New York University is located in lower Manhattan. But not only ! It is one of the American universities that have decided to extend their training offer beyond the American borders.

We thus find a campus in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi created in 2013 and 2010 in order to export the offer of training abroad but also to allow American students to carry out part of their courses there.

The first public university on this list, the CUNY is also the largest university in New York with 275,000 students following a course on one of the multiple campuses located in Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx, or Bayside. In total, nearly 25 campuses spread throughout New York City are accessible to students.

The university being public, the registration fees are also much lower than the private establishments listed above, not exceeding $7,000 per year for residents of New York State, and $19,000 for others.

Apart from these particularly reputable establishments, the majority of international students join lesser known but equally rewarding universities. Selectivity and high registration fees do not mean that the training will be better for you, and you should not hesitate to apply to institutions that are more accessible and that will potentially suit you better.

And if you want a shorter two-year experience, don’t hesitate to turn to the Community Colleges! More financially accessible and allowing you to continue with a Bachelor’s Degree, they will be an excellent gateway to New York.

Apply to American Universities

Each New York University has its own recruitment for applicants, and your application will need to be submitted through the university’s portal. The only exception is registrations in the first year of a Bachelor’s degree (equivalent to our License), which can be done through the Common Application, which brings together nearly 900 Colleges in order to be able to apply on a single platform.

If you want to join a training in New York, it is advisable to do so at least 9 months in advance. For the procedures explained in detail, you will find all the necessary information on our file “Registering for American universities” as well as “The Common Application in the United States”.

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